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Fitness and Performance


  • Do you need to do something and want serious therapeutic exercise?
  • Have you been hurt and afraid to exercise?
  • Do you want to start exercising but are lost about where and how to begin?
  • Are you overwhelmed and intimidated walking into a big box gym?
  • Have you been told by another professional you are too far gone and cannot exercise?
  • Does at home exercises sound better than a gym?

Investing in fitness requires a financial commitment and your fitness professional should do more than take you through a workout, change weights and count reps. It is worth every penny when you get the results that you want and deserve.

At the Bunge Clinic our purpose driven fitness programs are tailor made for each client. Whether you have never put on a pair of sneakers, are a weekend warrior or an elite athlete, we can design a program for you! Our clients include athletes and health focused men and women of all ages, sizes and ability.

Our programs deliver the following amazing benefits:

  • Personalized prescriptions to match your ability level and fitness goals
  • All programs are closely supervised by Chiropractic physician, Dr. Eric Bunge
  • Safe and effective programs that won’t cause injuries
  • Step by step support, correction and encouragement

Confidence for you to continue your healthy lifestyle. No fads, no short cuts and restoration expertise.

Do you want to take your health to the next level? Excellent!!! Our mission is to assist you and empower you on that journey, Call our office now at (843) 284-6959 now and schedule your evaluation.


Recommended Exercises and Stretches


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Beginners to advanced, core stability is the secret to better functional range and muscle strength:


What is the plan? What is a PRI exam and treatment?


I  The Zone

II  Balance the twist

III  Create core foundation

IV  Strengthen sequences

V  Integrate into life


Something we all can do and benefit from trying. The secrets of

core stability and improved health are revealed as you test your

restrictions and foundations.

Please feel free to call with any questions.

Thank you,

Dr. Bunge