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Every injury is important. We combine gentle techniques with advanced healing therapies designed to combine recovery with restoration of essentials. Research agrees, your alignment improves healing and recovery speed. It is never too late or early to include restorative treatments. They help any plan move forward to enjoy faster healing and relief.

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Dr. Bunge




ACCIDENTS-INJURIESOur services include:Documentation for legal representation.

Referral for additional medical services.

Injury assessment and treatment.

Modalities for inflammation and pain.

Manual therapy for recuperation.

Bracing and home care.

Restoration of alignment and muscle balance.

Decompression for disc injury.

Permanent injury evaluation.

Support services.



Dr. Eric Bunge, DC

Chiropractor- South Carolina, Georgia

Functional Movement Certified

Palmer Chiropractic College

Penn State University


ACCIDENTS-INJURIES To provide effective, gentle care we offer:

Activator V, Arthrostim, Drop table adjustments

Flexion Distraction or Decompression

Muscle stim with ice or moist heat

Manual therapy and Graston technique

PRI exams and treatments

Scoliosis assessment

Pain laser therapy  (15 watt class 4):

Laser Therapy