5 Point Mobility Evaluation

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Shoulder pain

Reconstructing your posture

Neck and back pain


Try something new- a core check-up!

What does a PRI exam show you? p p

  • Is your zone (diaphragm) able to hold a neutral position. Essential to undo chest breathing and weak core strength.
  • What causes of cervical tension may be happening. Muscle spasms are a signal to fix the foundation underneath.
  • How are your shoulders positioned. Relief and prevention of rotator cuff pain starts with core alignment.
  • Check the orientation of your foundation. All fitness needs to start with an aligned foundation and zone for balanced movement and functional range.
  • Is your back locked into extension. Creating healthy flexibility is helped by release of common restrictions.
  • How is your overall balance when walking. Bringing it all together for a lasting prevention program. 

Simple 2 minute test reveals your:

  1. Foundation Stability
  2. Core Alignment
  3. Breathing Power
  4. Integrated Posture
  5. Cervical Tension

Our goal is to reveal causes of misaligned positions, limited functional patterns, and muscle

tension. We enjoying helping athletes and active people of any age.




  • Basic Exerciser, Yoga, Walking
  • Runner, running sports
  • Martial Arts
  • Dance
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Hip and Leg Pain
  • Bone Loss Prevention
  • Scoliosis Treatment
  • Overhead or Olympic Athlete

Sometimes the solution is planning a restoration from the foundation up, and often there is a top down corrective needed, especially when we have a history of injuries or stress. Which ever is best for you, the simple PRI exams and treatment principles guide you toward a stronger and relaxed posture. Core fitness is at the heart of everyone’s exercise goals and we hope to make it easier to stay balanced and normal.

Trouble Spots Revealed:

Locked in Extension

Shifted into Locked Stance

Unable to Extend your Hip

Rotated Torso

Hidden Cervical Tension


Getting back to normal should be as easy as our daily exercise routine.

The causes of these compensation patterns can be retrained to re-position and restore a healthy posture. New muscle memory means stronger bones, protection for joints, and feeling energized. Your evaluation results from the PRI tests can safely guide your planning- what to fix first!

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Dressing for your Appointment

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