As the wind blows, the tree grows.



What are the essentials to standing straight, moving well and finding balance in a stressful world? To keep it simple: a happy body, nourishment, and a purpose. So lets move well, eat to regenerate healthy cells, and make everyday a playground for self improvement. Luckily there are hundreds of ways to succeed; standing work stations, driving, stairs, morning stretches, and lots of interesting workouts.

90 Day Intensive Restoration

Whether with a injury, prevention, or correction- we are all the same in our core.

First Quarter: Core alignment and stability

Second Quarter: Balancing the sides

Third Quarter: Strengthen coordination

Fourth Quarter: Restore essentials- walking

The program is simple. we combine specialized therapies to help your body make essential positive changes:

It takes a minimum of three months to ensure muscle gains. Big improvements are possible for pain and inflammation. You get a true assessment of underlying causes of pain. The insides first approach is direct and enjoyable. You keep the skills - for life!

Our Scoliosis Treatment Table gentle lengthens our spine while providing the needed treatment to untwist our back and neck curves. Gravity will keep pulling us down, we can do more than make the spring of youth more study, we can neutralize tension and create flexibility. Getting stuck in pattern is no fun and unless we utilize the essential correctives, we may not be able to re-train neutral joint and muscle positions.


As a Doctor of Chiropractic getting a real picture of your skeleton and muscle alignment is our priority. Why? because so much of our health depends on removing causes of inflammation and disability. Doctors vary greatly on how they help you, our clinic specializes in gentle non-force techniques to release muscles, guarding, and causes of pain. Your body is compressed both physically and mentally, postural release restores a balance that we can use clinically for relief and healing. We have manual techniques under a doctor’s care proven to  quickly help you overcome common concerns.

12 weeks of intensive care is a short time to expect total recovery, however it is our opportunity to create a foundation with significant improvement. From there you decide- how fast to progress or how easy to maintain. The improvements are all natural, giving energy, detoxing our body and giving us confidence our prevention plans are successful!

The research in the last decade has revealed many predictable health patterns related to our “posture.” Many common problems transcend time, culture, and injury because they truly are how we are programmed and designed to move. We all have a predictable twist, a change to accommodate being pulled forward by our weight. It is something we all have- even left handed people likely have a right orientated center of gravity. When the pattern becomes extreme it is called scoliosis. But before that, it was there as the start of a limp, slouching back, shoulder pain, TMJD, even headaches. With dedication, stretching and exercise can help stop the progression, even reverse many terrible changes. There are specific correctives being tried around the world, with PRI being an excellent foundation for many programs. The PRI testing is unique in how it tests your body to give a powerful restoration plan taking into account many, many important details which can make all the difference.


Core Restoration plus Significant Improvement!

For relief of pain and muscle spasm, scoliosis, chronic pain and fatigue.

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Thank you,

Dr. Bunge