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We would like to help you learn something exciting- how to improve your posture, ability to heal, and exercise safely.

There is a revolution happening right now- putting us in control of our bodies and reducing risks we thought were normal aging. Yes, across the world we are learning how to work with our postural systems to undo very common problems:

  • Cant turn off the stress
  • Cant breath with full capacity
  • Cant find a neutral posture
  • Locked back and ribs
  • Low back and shoulder pain
  • Forward head
  • Short right leg
  • Pain with exercise
  • Where to start
  • How to warm-up

You don’t have to be an exercise scientist or doctor to understand how to do them. They are naturally programmed into us- it’s how we breath, walk, and rest. However there is a few patterns we get “stuck” in and that regular exercise and stretching can unfortunately make even tighter.

Request a workshop for your group!

Dr. Bunge has developed a class for normal people of the essentials. A workshop that teaches you skills you keep, build on, and integrate into daily life, regular exercise, or elite performance. A bundle of knowledge that reveals to you your unique requirements to:

  • balance you posture
  • power up your core
  • unlock your diaphragm
  • turn off stress
  • breath easy
  • walk and run better
  • create stronger bones
  • enjoy better sleep
  • use standing work stations
  • integrate into any routine


  • why you are not flexible
  • common exercise mistakes
  • self testing
  • advanced exercises like running

Classes are interactive and funFacebook Top

Whether your group is small or large we will be getting down to business learning skills we can use at home, work, or the gym. Likewise, we will learn secrets to making popular fitness programs safer and more productive. We can meet most anywhere including the clinic. Handouts are provided and the exercises are available on-line so you can perfect your technique while anywhere!

These are exercises not currently taught anywhere else locally. Some examples show regular folks aligning their core and learning to keep it! Please feel free to contact us for more information: 843.284.6959