We will find opportunity to create balanced movement in much of our day. Here are some of the many restorative techniques for the essentials: core, endurance, shoulder mobility, strong posture, and core power coming from relaxed breathing.

The recommendation is to treat pain by restoring essential neutral positions of joints. It takes practice, however every breath counts as postural exercise for your core.  There are five parts* to our posture and each one can be re-trained to create balanced movement, especially when stretching is important. Be patient and focused on your progress. We wish you much success.

*Our posture has four muscle slings on a foundation (five parts) which we use to create balance in a 3D. Like the mast on a ship, our back and neck are sitting on a foundation (sacrum to feet) with muscle slings balancing both to hold us up and shift our weight when we walk. There is a lot of science needed to create balance with posture exercise, luckily walking and breathing come naturally, we are simply helping to balance the forces and create enjoyable movements that are graceful.


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