Performance Therapy 3 Ps

Pain-free fitness?

If I had a dollar for every athlete, Crossfiter, runner, yoga expert, ect. I have seen exercising with a right lateralized core, hips, and neck - I could buy a really nice a boat.

Functional Movement Assessment (FMA) reveals the causes of pain, muscle strain, disc degeneration, joint arthritis, fatigue, stress, sleeplessness.

Functional nutrition assessment (ALCAT) reveals the hidden causes we are adding at every meal.

Full spine 3D x-ray assessment (CBPTM) reveal the eventual postural stress we can protect or prevent.

As a Chiropractic Physician, I can say these approaches were not taught in our Palmer medical curriculum, my Exercise Science degree from Penn State, nor the general CE classes I take. These are truly revolutionary assessments not provided by traditional pain based medicine or chiropractic. Perhaps they are investment intensive, difficult classes, or not reimbursed by insurance (the real reason). These assessments reveal causes vs. sources of pain and suffering. Insurance simply is not here for prevention or wellness - it is designed for medical necessity, therefor the services you are offered are for a specific sources of pain, not the whole you.

Take control of your destiny

To ensure our exercise prescription or fitness program both heals and prevents injuries, a full assessment of pain, positions on x-ray, and patterns of movement restrictions will reveal your best plan for fitness and lasting health.

We call this the T.R.U.E. protocol TM :

Testing: Pain map, orthopedic assessment, Stecco fascial assessment for pain for hidden painful areas, ALCAT TM for food sensitivities, lab work for basic metabolic vaules

Radiography: 3D full view of head to pelvis: are the curves correct CBP TM, is your postural control working, is there stress to protect, are you lateralized and extended - basis of "Spinal Molding" or correcting our spine curves (yes, they are not supposed to be straight)

Unified: FMA with Postural Restoration Institute TM PRI, and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization DNS for movement pattern correction and restoration of normal reciprocal muscle movement and postural restoration TM.

Energy: Does your body respond to energy re-charging with red light therapies. Do we have the medically significant signs of fatigue, cell inflammation, exhaustion, mental fog, muscle weakness, chronic pain or muscle strain, trigger points, or need to restore health body composition.

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Dr. B