Golf Posture

Clinical goals for golfing:

Delivering a powerful stroke while minimizing risks of inflammation is becoming better understood. Research in both sport and medicine is revealing how our posture controls both our flexibility and power. Both the starting position and patterns of muscle memory can influence the stress on key areas as well as provide a solid or weak foundation for launching your back stroke and swing phase.

Our job at the clinic is to help align, strengthen, and open up muscle movement if five key areas of posture.

1) Core Foundation: is it level and does it shift from a right stance into a left stance properly?

> Source of limitations, compensations cause over-use of low back, SI, shoulder and knee joints.

2) Core Rhythm: can your core muscles keep you aligned over the foundation during the set up and shift ?

> Vigilant protection of your low back curve with stability during rotation can prevent more arthritis.

3) Core Power: is our rib alignment in the “zone” to provide maximum range and power potential?

> Losing alignment of “zone” means less breathing capacity and potential power output.

4) Optimized Posture:  does our shoulders and neck have to compensate for loss of spine alignment?

> With foundation and breathing restored, we can better coordinate upper body strength for efficiency.

5) Release Tension: do we have underlying tension from posture imbalances restricting our health?

> Most common patterns are a body stance stuck in a right stance or unable to release a tight back.

Experts in rehab agree; we must fix essential links in the “functional” workings of our bodies to achieve lasting health, and in the case of golfing- to play well and enjoy the fitness of the sport.  However, approaches and depth of understanding do vary considerably in our era of specialization and hype. Our goal is to restore the five clinical outcomes outlined above with manual therapy, corrective exercise, and a natural re-training of posture function. We are offering a integrated approach to provide relief naturally, to decompress our joints with improved posture, and to restore powerful natural movements that keep us pain free.

Our technical goals are:

  1. Restore exhalation (usually lost) and “zone” of diaphragm.
  2. Get the lumbar and thoracic spines out of extension.
  3. Level the pelvis and restore shift from right to left stance.
  4. Allow the left leg to truly accept weight (left stance).
  5. Learn to facilitate inhibition techniques for our patterns.
  6. Use strengthening to create reciprocal mobilization.
  7. Practice our new posture with improved walking!

Why these goals?

To live longer and enjoy fitness!

In neutral, joints can safely improve pain free range of motion.

Muscle control improves with brain getting a full range of input.

Restored posture lets muscles relax, heal, and grow faster!

Prevent compensation patterns that cause inflammation and arthritis.

Improved breathing means less respiratory acidosis to weaken our bones.

Reduce risk of injury by keeping joints away from end range loading.

All muscles are strongest and fastest when in neutral with a full movement.

Less time spent managing injuries and trying to relive stress.

With posture restored more energy for skill improvement.

Less trips to the doctors.

Less inflammation medication to slow or scar healing.

Posture for Golf Basics

Power in golf requires an optimum position of our core matched with two types of function.
The first is the tone our brain uses to keep us in our posture. Supporting us against gravity in a efficient posture means we can breath easier, keep our eyes level, and try to keep our feet pointed forward. The second type of function is the pattern we use to create movements such as to bend, reach, walk, swing, sit, or just standing.
These functional movements are vital to more than just power, they are what helps us prevent arthritis, stenosis, scoliosis, and all kinds of pain. In fact, it is hard to find any pain that doe not have its roots in posture, “tone”, and these patterns. Looking deeper, for the causes of inflammation and restriction, we see one solution; reposition the body into a neutral position without a stressed tone, retrain protective movements by building strength in key postural muscle groups, and restore any patterns which are causing us harm. With an integrated medical approach, in the very first visit we can give our bodies the ability to decompress and breath easier. Then given time we may be able to hold our adjustment and have an opportunity to heal for the better.

Posture restoration is for more than pain, it to remove any interference with our athletic potential, and to give us a longer lifespan. Please contact us with questions or to schedule a check-up.