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Bunge Chiropractic offers a wide variety of services to help you achieve your goals.

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Deep Tissue Class 4 Laser

Faster Healing
Relief for Pain and Inflammation
Improved Flexibility
Neuropathy Programs

Laser Therapy

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Three great options to restore our health?

  • Doctor’s exam for diagnosis and recommendations.
  • Inflammation testing for toxins, foods or medications.
  • Restoration of good posture basics for fitness.

We offer simple check-ups using functional testing to quickly show where to begin with natural options. No side effects, no invasive techniques- restoring natural function are our programs goals.

Car Accidents – Exercise Pain – Muscle Spasms

Our healing and vitality can be enhanced when Adjustments include:

  • Posture Restoration TM Plan
  • ALCAT Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Natural, hands on approach to aiding the body’s recovery
  • Through exam to reveal causes and  restore foundations of health
  • Functional assessment for exercise prescription and prevention
  • Pain relief and improved healing to prevent re-injury with Class 4 Laser Therapy
  • Faster results with Graston Technique for mobilizing tight areas
  • Triton Decompression option for relief of disc injury and nerve pinching
  • Flexion table stretching to gently open up tight back and necks
  • Trigger point release and Dr. Steccos’ based fascia assessment
  • Gentle Arthro-Stim or Activator instrument for joint release
  • Specific posture stretches

Try our style of care to enjoy the relief these extra touches bring!

We have many of the best chiropractic options to bring you faster, better relief:

  • Functional Movement Assessment certified
  • Graston Technique provider
  • Class 4 HD Laser Therapy
  • Active Isolated Stretching therapy for muscle tension
  • Muscle Stim / Moist Heat
  • Triton Decompression table for disc injuries and pinched nerves
  • Posture Medic support to correct bad posture
  • Kinesiotaping / Graston Technique
  • Rehab for sports and exercise pain
  • Functional rehab to improve athletic performance
  • Chest breathing and pelvic floor functional rehab

Chiropractic is the fastest growing alternative health care.

Why? Because it works by fixing the causes of discomfort and injury.

The health care I enjoy providing is natural and preventive. The body will heal best and stay healthy when our joints move freely and are aligned with balanced muscle function. Then we simply need to stay active and nourish ourselves accordingly.

Be well, Dr. Bunge.

Bunge Chiropractic Health Clinic

In network provider for Medicare and Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Other insurances accepted.

Food Sensitivity Testing- 237 foods!

The fastest path to healthy is by knowing your strengths and weaknesses.