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Integrated Posture Restoration

Injuries and Accidents

Advanced therapies to speed up healing.

Our Services

Integrated Posture Restoration

Integrated Posture Restoration

Stay fit for life with your optimal posture.

Health Restoration

Core Fitness

Core Fitness

Learn the basics of good posture, breathing well, exercising safely, testing and self-help activities.

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 What is a 5 Point Mobility Evaluation?


Injured or in a Car Accident?

Suffering with pain

or disc degeneration?

Need a better scoliosis treatment?

Restore your health with non-force

techniques and posture restoration.

  • Advanced healing for injuries.
  • Pain relief without medications.
  • Causes revealed and restored.
  • Release muscle and fascia tension.
  • Improve your posture to look healthy.
  • Core fitness expert evaluation!

Athletes - Exercise Pain - Muscle Inflammation

  • PRI postural exams and exercises
  • Stop that chest breathing
  • Overhead exercise evaluation
  • Fix the shoulder pain
  • Walking assessment
  • Running evaluation
  • Level your pelvis
  • Restore pelvic floor strength
  • Vision and Dental integration
  • Posture "functional" X-rays

Most of our problems are connected:

  • Unknown causes of face and head pain
  • Neck, TMJ and headache pain
  • Forward head and upper cross syndrome
  • Shoulder and carpel tunnel pain
  • Weakness or muscle inflammation
  • SI joint and lower cross syndrome
  • Sciatica or Low Back pain
  • Hip, IT band, and glute pain

Create a specific plan for your goals!

  • ALCAT ® Food Sensitivity Testing
  • X-rays and MRI referral
  • Foot orthotics from PRI
  • Yoga corrective exercises
  • Pain and healing Laser Therapy

Medical services to bring you faster, better relief:

  • Pain relief and improved healing with Class 4 Laser Therapy
  • Flexion table stretching to gently open up tight backs
  • Gentle Arthro-Stim ® or Activator ® instrument for joint release
  • Faster results with Graston ® Technique for mobilizing tight areas
  • Triton® Decompression for relief of disc injury and pinched nerves
  • Postural Restoration ® exam and exercises
  • Active Isolated Stretching therapy for muscle tension
  • Muscle Stim / Moist Heat
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Weight loss planning

Posture restoration is the fastest growing rehab program in health care and fitness. Why? Because it gets results fast -that last!

The health care I enjoy providing is natural and preventive. It gives you the knowledge to see yourself as a whole body, able to achieve your health goals, and reduce your need for doctor care. The secret to living a long, healthy life is three fold: moving well, relying on food to be your medicine, and enjoying a vital purpose in life. We are proud to provide a unique health care experience for all ages.

Enjoy your fitness,

Eric Bunge, D.C.

In network provider for Medicare and Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Other insurances accepted.

Stop pain before it stops you!

Hidden causes of inflammation include food, medicines, building materials, and even nature. We offer the most comprehensive testing available from the trusted experts at ALCAT®.